Champion of god's Wrath

Champion of God's Wrath

HC The Lord’s Berserker
Trouble I don’t know what to believe anymore
Other __
+3 Conviction (max)
Stunts and powers
-1 Bless this House
-1 Guide My Hand
-1 Holy Touch
-2 Righteousness
-3 (holy weapon?)
2 Adjusted refresh

This man (or woman?) is full of wrath and rage – but The Angels have given him a chance to channel that rage into something worthwhile. He is not a man of faith in that he knows scripture and understands the deeper meaning of things – but he believes very strongly in right and wrong. He may in fact have … trust issues… regarding God, and frequently have one-sided shouting matches with It.

May be naturally inclined to violence or only recently inspired to take up violence.
Probably has some traumatic past issue causing the rage which has been transposed unto his relationship with god.

Champion of god's Wrath

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