Scion of Ubaste

How I would have done Sanura


High Concept: Scion of Egyptian Cat Gods
Trouble: Curiosity killed the cat?

  1. My parents’ legacy
  2. 2
  3. Stranger among Strangers
  4. CATch me if you can
  5. 5

Power Level:
Template: Scion / Wereform

Human form Cat form
Great Lore Athletics
Good Discipline, Conviction Alertness, Fists
Fair Athletics, Scholarship, Resources Investigation, Lore, Scholarship
Average Alertness, Driving, Endurance, Fists, Rapport Burglary, Discipline, Endurance, Conviction, Stealth


  • Echoes of the Beast (-1)
  • Beast Change (-1)
    • Claws (-1)
    • Inhuman Speed (-2)
  • Ritual / Sponsored Magic: Rite of Cats (-2)
    • Focus Item: Silver Ankh +1 Complexity, +1 Control
Rite of Cats:

Includes divination by cats (Ailuromancy), limited control over cats, gifting cats special powers, granting or taking on special cat powers, summoning and communicating with Cat spirits.


Scion of Ubaste

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